Fajitas party!

My son Martin is a huge fajitas fan, and through the years we have made fajitas on a regular basis. Not only is it delicious, but also very healthy! Lots of vegetables and chicken, and for the low-carbers, just elminate the tortilla.


Chicken “en papillote”

I have made this dish so many times, and every time I have the same reaction; how can something so good and delicious be so easy to make. It takes appr 5 minutes to assemble, and for the rest it cooks it self in the oven. When serving this to guests, I leave the paperbag on the plate, so that each and every one can have the pleasure of opening the package, and get that first aroma straight up their nose 🙂

Shrimps with ouzo & feta

This recipe originated in the 1960s when tourism really took off in Corfu, and has a very retro-feel about it. It’s extremely moreish too. The combination of ouzo, a well-flavoured tomato sauce and some feta served with some preferably barbecued prawns is irresistible. A good Friday night dish….

Mushroom soup with porcini croutons

Soups are part of the autumn. This is the recipe for you that do not go out in the forest to pick the mushrooms, but has to rely on whats on offer in the supermarket. In this recipe we have used the brown mushrooms, which gives the soups it characteristic color. Some would maybe say that white mushrooms would give a more “attractive” color, but flavor rules!

Tomato soup

Today we are making soup, Napels style. It may look a bit boring, but I can assure you, this is an absolutely heavenly tomato soup, all velvety and rich in flavor. The secret is to oven roast the tomatoes first.

Chicken Diable

“Diable” is the French word for “devil”, and when this word is used in connection with food, that usually means Dijon mustard is involved.

This is a good weekday dish, as it is relatively fast to make, and tastes excellent. I usually make it with whole grain mustard, because I like how the grains kind of “decorates” the sauce.