Green prawn curry

This light and lovely seafood dish is a flash in the pan, but will fast become a family favourite!

Shrimp truffles with pistachio

This is a nice little snack, easy to make, looks good, and tastes fantastic!

Shrimps with ouzo & feta

This recipe originated in the 1960s when tourism really took off in Corfu, and has a very retro-feel about it. It’s extremely moreish too. The combination of ouzo, a well-flavoured tomato sauce and some feta served with some preferably barbecued prawns is irresistible. A good Friday night dish….

Thai scampi cakes

This recipe is in my favorite category of recipes – easy to make, easy to succeed!

Some would maybe say that it is unnecessary with a recipe for such a simple thing like this, but for amateurs like myself it is always safer with a recipe. However, there is no doubt that the condiments in an eggsalad can be varied in so many ways. Some recipes have ingredients like curry, mustard, apple, celery, nuts etc. I guess everyone has their favorite eggsalad, and this one is mine.

Mussels with coconut milk and coriander

When the summer is almost over, then we eat mussels. My dear sister gave me this recipe, and this is virtually fast food, takes 10 minutes to make, and tastes fantastic.