African Peanut soup

This lovely combination of onion, sweet potato and peanut butter results in a fantastic creamy soup with buckets of flavour. This spicy soup is made in a jiffy and is perfect as an everyday dinner. It can easily be made the evening before, and reheated before serving.


Roasted paprika soup with pistachio oil

This is an awesome soup that I make over and over again. First time I made it, my son Martin of 12-13 years old, came into the kitchen while I was grilling the red peppers. He commented that they both looked and smelled burnt, and I explained that this was not a mistake, but the recipe actually is like that. Then he immediately replied, “oh, the recipe is perfect for you, mom, where it actually says you are supposed to burn the food!” I really have no idea where he gets it from ….

Tom Kha Kai

This classic thai-soup Tom Kha Kai is definitely one of my favourite soups. Lovely, pure flavours, with a good kick of chili. The secret is to choose the perfect Thai Curry paste, it has to be red and strong. On a cold winter’s day I just increase the amount to 3 tbsp, to get some extra heat.

Mushroom soup with porcini croutons

Soups are part of the autumn. This is the recipe for you that do not go out in the forest to pick the mushrooms, but has to rely on whats on offer in the supermarket. In this recipe we have used the brown mushrooms, which gives the soups it characteristic color. Some would maybe say that white mushrooms would give a more “attractive” color, but flavor rules!

Tomato soup

Today we are making soup, Napels style. It may look a bit boring, but I can assure you, this is an absolutely heavenly tomato soup, all velvety and rich in flavor. The secret is to oven roast the tomatoes first.