Roasted paprika salad with feta and mint

This is a great salad to make on the barbecue, goes well most grilled meats and fish.

Cauliflower Risotto with mushrooms and bacon

Love Risotto? Me too! Hate what it does to your waistline? Then try this recipe …. cauliflower risotto a healthier alternative where the cauliflower is a great substitute for rice, made in just 30 minutes or less!

Cauliflower, hazelnut and pomegranate seed salad

The cauliflower is the low carbers best friend, and the challenge is vary the use of it. This is a very nice recipe … this salad works a treat as a side dish to amongst other, pork. A pork chop next to this salad, and you have yourself a great dinner.

Sweet potato gratins

These individually portioned gratins with sweet potato, are deceivingly tasty! They are versatile, and go with a lot of things, I use them both with lamb and chicken. This is one of those dishes that may not sound or look as good as they taste. But I can promise, everyone will love these, even those who claim they don’t like sweet potatoes!

Retro-salad with melon and goats cheese

This is a blast from the past, with fresh flavors of melon, and the contrasting goats cheese and avocado. Serve as a starter, or maybe a sidedish, or maybe even as a dessert … ? Ideal for anybody that is not a sweet tooth, and low carb friendly!


Tzatziki is lovely on side of lots of dishes, like grilled lamb, chicken burgers etc. Tzatziki originates from Greece and Turkey, where it is usually served with among others, souvlaki and gyros. A traditional tzatziki always contains yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and salt. Variances kan contain i.e. lemon juice, dill, parsley or mint, depending on the main dish.

“Bruised” salad

This asian inspired salad is one of the best sidedishes I know, especially suitable with chicken or scampi.

Broccoli salad

This is a simple to make, and great tasting side dish. The good ole broccoli, which is so versatile, and goes well with both meat and fish. So all the more important to get some variation, by adding nuts and garlic it becomes a new and fresh dish.