Mushroom goulash

This is just yummi! The dish itself is relatively fast to make, but it takes a long, long time in the oven. When you taste the result, you will agree it is so worth the wait!

Cauliflower Risotto with mushrooms and bacon

Love Risotto? Me too! Hate what it does to your waistline? Then try this recipe …. cauliflower risotto a healthier alternative where the cauliflower is a great substitute for rice, made in just 30 minutes or less!

Mediterranean meatloaf

When you want a quick and easy everyday dinner, recipes like this are great. Ok, it does take a long time in the oven, but the prep work goes very fast!

Spiced lamb shanks

Lamb shanks is my favorite piece of lamb, and this recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver, and his recipe from the cookbook “The Naked Chef”.

Bistecca alla Gorgonzola

A superfast Saturday night treat, with lots of flavours, straight from wonderful Italy. We prefer the strong Gorgonzola Piccante, but for a more mellow sauce you can use Gorgonzola Dolce.

Low carb Pizza

This is probably the closest low carb alternative to pizza. This is one of the most popular recipes ever from the website

Of course, you can use any pizza topping you prefer, the mushrooms and sauce is just a suggestion.

Little pies with sweet potato topping

Kedgeree is originally a dish from India, and consists of rice and fish (most of the time smoked haddock), hardboiled eggs, currypowder and parsley. Its probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but I love this dish.