Cod with avocado & tomato salad

Most of us that have done the low carb dieting, we probably have eaten our share of eggs and bacon. Here is a different way of preparing an egg & bacon breakfast.

Ovenbaked salmon with lemon and feta

Salmon is often on the menu in our house, and the reasons are many, but one is definitely that salmon can be used in so many variations …. with different sidedishes, different spisces and preparation methods. Try this version … with lemon and feta.

Salmon with pea mash and fennel salad

This is almost fine dining food, a very nice dish, a good combination of flavours. Who would have thought that radishes and fennel would be so tasty?

Fish & chips with tartare sauce

Here we have homemade fish fingers, lightly coated in ground almonds and parmesan instead of breadcrumbs, and oven-roasted chips of celeriac rather than potato. You could get ketchup, but I prefer tartare sauce.

Garam masala salmon with cucumber salad

Give fresh salmon a spicy twist with marinade and lime-infused yoghurt. Thanks to its cooling powers, this long, crisp vegetable is the perfect partner for spicy mains, such as this Indian-style fish.

Salmon and ginger fishcakes with sweet-and-sour salad

In this simple recipe, salmon and ginger brings out the best in each other. The fish cakes are accompanied by a gorgeous sweet and sour salad. And if it couldn’t get any better, this dish is ultra healthy! We eat this at least once a month, and we never tire of it. Enjoy!

Salmon with mango & chili salsa

Bursting with goodness, this low-fat recipe fuses sweet fruit with fresh vegies – perfect for a warm summer day or evening.

Ceviche – raw marinated salmon

Thank you for an excellent recipe, my dear sister Elisabeth! It turns out raw fish can be more than just sushi, in this case lemon and lime juice is used to “cook” the fish, and adds a lot of freshness. This is a dish that can be served with toasted bread and a green salad, and is suitable for lunch or as a starter.

Hot fishsoup

This is a fast and simple fish soup with a little bit of heat, and tastes delcious!!

Salmon with tahini and herbs

In this recipe the salmon goes middle eastern style, as both the spice sumac and tahini is sued. Tahini, or sesame paste, is a very typical middle eastern ingredient.

Cod with tomato cream sauce

This is a very easy and quick cod dish, and the lovely mild sauce wtih a hint of cream, goes very well with this lean white fish.